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Home > News > Mid Suffolk Council Unveils New Cabinet Model and New Cabinet Members

Mid Suffolk Council Unveils New Cabinet Model and New Cabinet Members

Posted by on 15 June 2017 | Comments

Mid Suffolk District Council have re-elected Cllr Nick Gowrley as Leader, who has appointed members of a new Cabinet model of governance.

Under the revised constitution the leader of the council, elected by all Members, appoints members of the Cabinet to help direct the council. The leader may also assign portfolios to some Cabinet Members as appropriate.

At Mid Suffolk’s Annual Council Meeting on Monday 22 May, Cllr Derrick Haley was elected Chairman of Mid Suffolk District Council, with Cllr John Levantis elected as Vice-Chairman.

Cllr Nick Gowrley was also re-elected as Leader of Mid Suffolk District Council, and appointed his Cabinet Members and Portfolio Holders. Mid Suffolk’s new Cabinet Members are:

  • Cllr Gerard Brewster, Cabinet Member for Economy
  • Cllr David Burn, Cabinet Member for Environment
  • Cllr Julie Flatman, Cabinet Member for Communities
  • Cllr Nick Gowrley, Cabinet Member for Assets and Investment
  • Cllr Glen Horn, Cabinet Member for Organisational Delivery
  • Cllr John Whitehead, Cabinet Member for Finance
  • Cllr David Whybrow, Cabinet Member for Planning
  • Cllr Jill Wilshaw, Cabinet Member for Housing
  • Cllr Penny Otton, Cabinet Member without Portfolio
  • Cllr Andrew Stringer, Cabinet Member without Portfolio

Cllr Nick Gowrley also appointed Cllr John Whitehead as Deputy Leader of the Council.

The new Cabinet Model replaces the previous Executive Committee and Portfolio Holder model, streamlining the decision making process. This both strengthens the Governance of the council and also provides greater clarity and accountability for officers working to direction from Members.

This will also provide greater transparency, with Forward Plans of cabinet business to be published online regularly covering the upcoming three months of Cabinet business on a rolling basis.

Cllr Nick Gowrley, Leader of Mid Suffolk District Council, said: “This new Cabinet model of the Council’s governance, complete with clear responsibilities and publicly available forward plans, is a way to guarantee that the Council is as open, transparent and inclusive as possible.

“But this change is also about focusing on what matters to our residents: a new Portfolio for Organisational Delivery will ensure we put our residents at the heart of everything we do, and continue to provide excellent access and responsiveness to everyone in our communities.”


Full details of all Mid Suffolk District Council Members are available here.