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Home > News > Mid Suffolk sets 2018/19 Budget

Mid Suffolk sets 2018/19 Budget

Posted by on 22 February 2018 | Comments

Mid Suffolk District Council this week voted to approve their budget for 2018/19, including a modest 0.5 per cent increase in Council Tax.

The budget which was voted on this evening (22 February), comes into effect on 1 April this year and will see council tax rise by just 0.5 per cent, equivalent to 81p per annum for a Band D property.

The increase was voted through as Mid Suffolk faces further cuts in core funding from central government, which will drop to zero by 2019/20. However, the council has pledged that those most in need will pay no more than 5 per cent of their Council Tax bill as it continues its Council Tax Reduction Scheme.

The key highlights from the meeting were:

  • An increase in Council Tax of just 0.5 per cent, which will see the largest properties paying £1.62 more over the course of the year, with the smallest seeing an increase of just 54p per annum.
  • No change in the Council Tax Reduction Scheme that will see the poorest residents pay just 5 per cent of their bill
  • A decrease of 1 per cent in Council House rents, equivalent to an average rent reduction of 83p a week
  • Service charges increasing by £5 a week, which coupled with the removal of the Sheltered Housing Supported people charge of £3 a week will result in a net increase of £2 per week for tenants, which may be recoverable through Housing benefits depending on the tenant’s circumstances
  • No increase in the Sheltered Housing utility charges
  • No increase in garage rents
  • In light of the recent end of credit card charges, the cost of future credit card transactions will be borne by the council

Cllr John Whitehead, Mid Suffolk District Council’s Cabinet Member for Finance, said: “As we allocate spending for the next year, we must be mindful that the money we collect and spend is money first earned by the taxpayer. As such we have a duty to ensure that we get value for money and work as efficiently as possible.

“In Mid Suffolk, we have a long history of prudent fiscal management; cost control; identifying efficiencies, and delivering outcomes within our budgets. Ongoing reductions in Central Government grants are challenging but with our robust reserves we can be confident that modest, below inflation annual increases in our Council Tax will allow us to maintain the services our communities need without putting our financial security at risk.”