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Revitalising Sudbury Town Centre

Posted by on 23 January 2020 | Comments

Findings of a recent study into ways to revitalise Sudbury include the planned relocation of the Hamilton Road bus station to an on-street facility and the redesign of Market Hill in order to attract more visitors into the town centre.

The town centre study commissioned by Suffolk County Council and jointly funded by Babergh District Council, presented several proposals to:

  • support a sustainable public transport service
  • create a connected and sustainable town centre
  • identify how Sudbury bus station can be replaced by on-street bus stops elsewhere in the town centre to provide sustainable travel options for now and the future, and support plans for the regeneration of the Hamilton Road Quarter
  • enable a connected, cleaner and greener town, with opportunities to improve the public space within Sudbury town centre.

The study also considered a range of possible redesign options to make Market Hill a reinvented public space for staging events and festivals and to encourage more residents and visitors into the town centre.

The results of the study will play a vital role in identifying needs and helping to develop sustainable changes to support future investment and development in Sudbury’s town centre.

Following consultation with local bus operators around the Hamilton Road Station, the study has also identified several alternative bus route options that will benefit both passengers and operators. New routes and updates to town road lay outs could offer a reduction of up 60 kilometres (37 miles) on current routes per day with on street bus stops giving passengers better direct access to key locations around the town centre.

The Sudbury Vision Group and its partners looked at developing detailed remodelling options of key junctions and highway improvements at five main town centre junctions; King Street, Girling Street, North Street, East Street and Great Eastern Road that will be needed to support on-street bus stop placement and the preferred revised routes.

Funding to deliver this major development programme will form a Suffolk County Council submission to the Government’s pinch point fund in 2020/21.

Suffolk County Council’s cabinet member for Highways, Transport and Rural Affairs, Cllr Andrew Reid said: “I welcome the results of this study. These findings not only provides us with the opportunity to work collaboratively with our colleagues on ways to transform Market Hill, the new proposed events area for the town, but also outlines ways to support the county’s ambition for improved sustainable travel by providing a better connected public transport service in Sudbury.”

Babergh District Council’s cabinet member for economic growth and Chair of the Sudbury Steering Group, Cllr Michael Holt said: “This study has been useful in identifying feasible steps that can be put in place to ensure Sudbury remains a vibrant market town.

“By working with Suffolk County Council and moving the bus station we can progress the long-awaited regeneration of Hamilton Road, as well as enjoying the benefits of better connected bus services – aiming to increase the amount of time that people spend in the town and creating a thriving and sustainable town centre, with Market Hill at its heart.”

See downloads for further information – including the proposed creation of a Green Walk and Sudbury’s Cultural Mile.


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