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Home > News > Stradbroke and Debenham become newest communities to adopt Neighbourhood Plans

Stradbroke and Debenham become newest communities to adopt Neighbourhood Plans

Posted by on 19 March 2019 | Comments

Two communities have seen their Neighbourhood Development Plans adopted as part of Mid Suffolk’s Development Plan, making them the second and third areas in the district to complete their Neighbourhood Plans.

At Monday’s (18 March) meeting of Mid Suffolk’s Full Council, members voted to ‘make’ (adopt) both the Debenham Neighbourhood Development Plan and the Stradbroke Neighbourhood Development Plan as part of Mid Suffolk’s Development Plan, and they will be used to help determine planning applications where relevant.

This comes after referenda held in each parish. The referendum in Stradbroke was held on Thursday 31 January, where more than 80% of those who voted did so in favour of adopting the plan. The referendum in Debenham was held on Thursday 7 February and saw over 95% of votes cast in support of the Plan.

Full details can be found on our website on Stradbroke’s Neighbourhood Plan page and on Debenham’s Neighbourhood Plan page.

Neighbourhood Plans set out a positive vision for how the area they cover can develop in ways that meet identified local need. Unlike more traditional types of plans or statements produced by town or parish councils, a successful Neighbourhood Plan has statutory weight and status: it will become part of the district’s development plan and will be used when determining planning applications in the relevant area.

Cllr Glen Horn, Mid Suffolk District Council’s Cabinet Member for Planning, said: “These plans are the most effective way for communities to shape growth in their area, and the number of groups who have taken up the challenge of Neighbourhood Planning in Mid Suffolk is inspiring. I am very pleased to see Stradbroke and Debenham complete their plans and I was very happy to bring them to Mid Suffolk Council for adoption.

“I would like to offer my congratulations to both Neighbourhood Plan Teams: the amount of work that has gone into these plans is very impressive, and shows genuine commitment on the part of the people who have contributed to them.”

There are eighteen other communities in Mid Suffolk currently drawing up their own Neighbourhood Plan, including Stowupland, Haughley and Thurston. A full list can be found on the Neighbourhood Planning Page of our website.