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Tree-mendous teamwork after unusual discovery

Posted by Communications on 30 August 2023 | Comments

When a magnificent six-metre-high silver birch was found discarded at the roadside in Stowmarket, people were left stumped.

The unusual discovery was made by a member of the public in Prentice Road last week, with the large tree – complete with root ball – abandoned in foliage.

Cllr Colin Lay went to investigate and realised urgent action was needed for the tree to be saved. Fellow councillor John Matthissen and Mid Suffolk District Council’s Public Realm team quickly answered the call for help.

The tree was so heavy it took four people to lift it into a trailer before the Public Realm team transported to Red Gables, a wellbeing hub in Ipswich Road, Stowmarket.

The tree was planted on Friday, 25 August in the grounds of Red Gables by the councillors and members of the Volunteers of Stowmarket group.

Cllr Lay, who is also a Stowmarket Tree Warden, said:

"This was an unusual discovery and it was clear we needed to take urgent action. We are not sure where the tree was from, but are pleased we have been able to plant it at Red Gables so it can grow and thrive. I’d like to thank everyone who helped.”


Cllr Matthissen added:

"We were determined to prevent this tree from being lost forever, and thanks to some quick thinking and fantastic teamwork involving council officers, we have been able to do exactly that.”

Earlier this month, Mid Suffolk District Council launched a campaign urging people to take pride in their local communities.

The new ‘Pride in Your Place’ campaign gives every town and village the opportunity to apply for funding for projects which improve the appearance and cleanliness of their community – and sends a message that there is no place for vandalism and illegal dumping in our towns and villages.

Find more information about the campaign on the council's website