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National and local validation requirements

For a planning application to be valid there are statutory and local information requirements which apply to each application type.

These are commonly known as the "National and Local Lists".

National requirements apply to all planning applications in England. Local requirements are set by the Local Planning Authority having regard to local policies and constraints.

Babergh and Mid Suffolk’s Local Validation List (LVL) was adopted 1 July 2017 and contains the National Validation List.

The Local Validation List is required to be reviewed and below is our new LVL for commencement on the 22nd January.

 Local Validation List (Comprises of 6 documents)

This proposed LVL has a six week consultation period ending on 21st January 2020. If you have any comments to make regarding the new Local Validation Lists, please send these in via email or address comments to:

Endeavour House, 8 Russell Road, Ipswich, Suffolk IP1 2BX.  

 Further information