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Planning fees and making payments

Planning application fees

Application fees are set by central government. The fee amount varies with the type of application.

Full details of Planning fees (updated 17 January 2018)

If an application is withdrawn or refused, the fee is not refunded. In such cases, it may be possible to make a second application for free.

Pre-application fees

View our Pre-application charges

Making payments

Pay online

If you are applying online via Planning Portal, you must make payment via the Planning Portal too.

The Planning Portal administrative charge is currently £28 (inc. VAT) for applications with fees over £60.

Please do not try to pay Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils the processing fee. This is part of the Planning Portal’s procedure and it must be paid to them.

If you do pay directly to us, this may cause delay in processing your application. Furthermore, as there is a cost to us in refunding your overpayment, we reserve the right to charge a small administrative fee.

If you are applying by postal submission or email

Pay planning application fee

If there is an additional fee due to reason(s) of invalidation or error

Pay additional planning application fee

Pay by cheque

You can post a cheque for postal or email submissions. Please be aware it will take longer to process. It may delay the validation of your application within the published timescales.

Our address is:

Babergh & Mid Suffolk District Councils
Endeavour House
8 Russell Road
Ipswich IP1 2BX

Please make cheques payable to either 'Babergh District Council' or 'Mid Suffolk District Council' (as appropriate).

As the two councils have separate bank accounts, we can only accept cheques made payable to the council covering the address of the proposed development.

Please include the Local Authority Planning Application Reference. 

This will have the format DC/YY/*****.

Please provide a contact name, number and the site address.

Important Note

The methods of payment listed above should be attempted before paying via bank transfer.

If you have tried the above and now wish to pay via BACS, please call Customer Services on 0300 123 4000 (option 5.3).

They will give you your planning application reference. You must quote this when transferring money into either of our bank accounts. You must then email us to notify us of payment.

Failure to do this may cause a delay to the registration of your planning application within the published timescales.

Submissions for Householder and Discharge of Conditions applications can be made directly to Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Council, without a service charge.