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East Bergholt Neighbourhood Plan

The East Bergholt Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) has been prepared by East Bergholt Parish Council and will be used to help guide and shape future development in the parish.

Proposed Modification of Adopted NDP

Following the successful adoption of the East Bergholt NDP in 2016 (see below) the Neighbourhood Plan Committee have been reformed to carry out a review and update this Plan. The method for doing this is set out in the relevant regulations. Essentially, it requires them to repeat the process, starting with Regulation 14 Pre-submission consultation.

See the Parish Council NDP web page for more details.

Formal Adoption (Sept 2016)

At its Full Council meeting on 20 September 2016, Babergh District Council resolved to 'make' (adopt) the East Bergholt NDP following a majority 'yes' vote in favour of doing so by local residents. 

The Plan, which covers the period up to 2030, now forms part of the development plan framework for the District and will be used in the determination of planning applications submitted in East Bergholt unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

Previous Stages ...

Reg 18 Local Referendum (Sept 2016)

Reg 17 Independent Examination (May 2016)

Reg 16 Submission Consultation (Jan - Mar 2016)

Reg 05 Area Designation (Mar 2014)