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Historic Evidence

Please note this page is not intended to be an archive page of previous evidence. It is intended to provide further evidence if required.  


Babergh Retail Evidence Update - August 2012

Babergh District Retail Study - July 2008 and Updated in 2011 

Sudbury Retail Study Stage 1 (2011) 


Employment Land Review and Strategic Sites Study (Oct 2009)

Strategic Employment Sites (Ove Arup) (May 2009)

Driving the Haven Gateway Forward: The Economic Impact of the Ports & Logistics Sector - May 2010  


Ipswich & Districts Strategic Housing Market Assessment (Aug 2012)

Ipswich, Babergh, Mid Suffolk & Suffolk Coastal Affordable Housing Site Viability Study (June 2009) 

Babergh Housing Needs Survey - 2008 

Mid Suffolk Housing Needs Survey - 2008 

Greater Haven Gateway Housing Strategy (2010 - 2015)

Joint Gypsy, Traveller & Traveller Showpeople Accommodation Assessment (2013)


Anglian Water River Basin Management Plan (Dec 2015)

Babergh Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (2009) 

Mid Suffolk Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (2008)

Babergh Open Space, Sport and Recreation Strategy (Sept 2010)

Haven Gateway Water Cycle Study - Stage 2 Report (Nov 2009)

Environment Capacity in the East of England: Applying an environmental limits approach to the Haven Gateway (Jan 2008) 


Suffolk Local Transport Plan 2011 - 2031 (Suffolk County Council website)

Sudbury Transport Study - Oct 2011 Text

Sudbury Transport Study - Oct 2011 Figures

Transport Impact Study (2010)