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Babergh District Retail Study

In 2008 Babergh District Council completed a number of significant pieces of work relating to town centres and retailing. These provide the basis for relevant future strategies and form part of the essential evidence base to support the 2014 Babergh Core Strategy. The work consists of three main elements:


1. A comprehensive 'Retail Capacity Study' for the district, focussing mainly on Sudbury and Hadleigh. Carried out by independent, specialist consultants this study is essentially an assessment of what further needs for new retail provision are likely to arise in the period up to 2021.


Babergh District Retail Study July 2008 - Main Report 

Babergh District Retail Study July 2008 - Appendices 


2. An updated 'Town Centre Health Check' for Sudbury and Hadleigh. Produced in-house, this provides a general assessment as to how well these two town centres are fairing.


Sudbury & Hadleigh Town Centre Health Check - 2011 

Sudbury & Hadleigh Town Centre Health Check - 2008 


3. A number of other assessments conducted and submitted to aid the assessment of some substantial retail planning applications in Sudbury and Hadleigh. An external assessment has also been carried out for Sudbury town centre to promote progress for the Hamilton Road Quarter redevelopment scheme.