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Bin day changes FAQ

Please find some FAQs below to help you navigate the bin day changes from week commencing 15 July.


Why is my rubbish and recycling collection day changing?

Over the last 10 years, the number of homes we collect waste from has significantly increased. This means we need to make sure our collection service is as efficient and effective as it can be for continued growth.

By re-routing the current collection rounds and introducing some new ones, we can make them more fuel efficient, reducing our impact on the environment whilst also offering a better waste collection service for you and our future residents too.


When will my bin day change for rubbish and recycling?

For the majority of our residents, new collection days will start week commencing 15 July. However, these changes won’t affect all of our residents.


How will I know when my new collection day is?

Any residents affected by the change should have received information through their door, informing them about their new collection day by 8 July.

Please note, the information about new collection days has been sent to our affected residents only.

From 15 July 2019, you can find your bin collection day using our new online app:

Find your bin collection day if you live in Babergh
Find your bin collection day if you live in Mid Suffolk


How often is my rubbish going to be collected?

Your rubbish will continue to be collected fortnightly.

If you are affected by changes, this will be on your new collection day instead.

If you’re not affected by the changes, your bin day will remain the same as before.

Rubbish and recycling collections alternate each week, so you’ll need to refer to the information that comes through your door or via the calendars on our website.


Are there changes to other collections, such as my garden or commercial waste?

No, these changes only affect rubbish and recycling collections.


What if my bin isn’t collected on my new day?

If your bin hasn’t been collected, please leave it out and we’ll make a return as soon as possible – we aim to collect missed bins within 1-2 days where possible.

Delays can be for all types of reasons, but you can always find delays and report missed bins on our website.


Please bear with us during this period of transition. As this is the start of a new collection cycle, some residents may have to wait longer than the normal 14 days for their recycling or rubbish collection. We anticipate this will affect a minimal number of households.

During this time, we will collect any additional rubbish in black bags or recycling in clear sacks.

Already reported a missed bin to us?

If you have already reported a missed bin, you don’t need to chase it up or report it again. Please continue to leave your bin out and our waste team will arrange for a recollection of your bin as soon as possible.


How can I keep my bin clean?

Wheelie bins are designed to keep your waste safe until they are emptied. It is up to you to keep your bin clean. Check our handy tips to prevent flies and maggots.


Still have questions or concerns?

Please contact the waste team on 0300 1234000, option 4 or visit the councils’ website.