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New properties and moving home

New build properties

If you have moved into a new build property, you will need to order a set of household bins from us. 

So we can collect your waste, we will provide you with a refuse (general rubbish) bin and a recycling bin. The bins will be clean and useable - but they might not be new.

If your housing association or property developer have not already paid for the bins, there will be a one-off cost of £69.00.

Please note that we will only empty authorised Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Council bins, which we have issued to the address.

Order household bins for a new build property

If you have moved into a new property with a garden, you can also order a garden waste (brown) bin from us

For the collection of waste from a non-domestic location, please visit our Business waste webpage instead to find out how we can help.

Moving home

Refuse and recycling bins

Your refuse and recycling bins are registered to your property. This means that when you move, they must be left behind.

If you have moved into a non-new build property and the bins are missing, please report a missing bin.

Garden waste bins

If you are moving home within the districts, you can take your garden waste bin with you. 

Let us know about your new address, so we can start collecting from your new property.

If you are moving out of the districts, please email Waste Services so we can cancel your subscription and collect your bin.