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Hazardous waste collections

Free waste

Some types of hazardous waste are accepted free of charge at Household Waste Recycling Centres in Suffolk:

  • Car batteries

  • Engine oil and cooking oil

  • Fire extinguishers (but not BCF or Halon types)

  • Fluorescent tubes and energy-efficient light bulbs

  • Gas cylinders (Calor and Flo gas). Other makes should be returned to the manufacturer

  • Household batteries

  • Refrigerators and freezers

  • Televisions and computer monitors

  • Water based paint if it has been dried out (You can use soil, cat litter or sand to dry the paint out)

Chargeable waste

We can collect other types of hazardous waste from £46.86 per collection:

  • DIY products, such as varnishes, paint or paint stripper

  • Flammable liquids, such as white spirit, paraffin or wood stainer

  • Garden chemicals or pesticides, such as weed killers or insect killers

  • Household cleaning products and chemicals, such as toilet cleaners, drain cleaners or bleach

  • Motoring products, such or antifreeze, brake/clutch fluid, petrol or diesel

  • Poisons, such as rat or mouse poisons

This service is only available to households.

All items must be boxed before collection and collections may not be made if they are not boxed. Boxes are easily available from most supermarkets.

Bonded Asbestos

We can collect up to 50kgs of bonded asbestos for £78.01

Please ensure that you have the dimensions and weight of the asbestos before you call as it will be required to book the collection.

This asbestos should be from a domestic source. It should also have been removed by a householder rather than a contractor.

The asbestos must be securely wrapped or bagged (using heavy duty 1,000 gauge polythene) which can be obtained from most builders merchants and DIY stores.

To avoid manual handling problems, sheets should be wrapped as single sheets and not together. The wrapped sheets must be sealed with tape. Sheets should not be broken, but in the event small broken pieces should be placed in a heavy duty polythene bag.

The packaged asbestos must be of a weight that can be easily lifted by one person and packages must be labelled "WARNING - CONTAINS ASBESTOS - DO NOT INHALE DUST".

For the collection of large quantities of bonded asbestos sheets or pieces (or dismantled bonded asbestos sheds, garages and outhouses), please follow this link for a list of licences contractors  Asbestos Contractors

We are NOT able to collect the following:

  • Clinical waste

  • Construction and demolition waste

  • Explosives

  • Fibrous asbestos

  • Flammable film stock (cellulose acetate)

  • Fluorescent tubes

  • Fireworks or yacht flares

  • Helium gas cylinders

  • Radioactive waste

  • Returnable gas cylinders

  • Water or dry powder fire extinguishers

Book a Hazardous Waste Collection

To Book a hazardous waste collection please call us on 0300 1234 000 Option 4

Once you have applied, and made payment, you will be contacted by our contractor to advise you of the collection date. Collection will be made within 6-8 weeks.