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Damaged and missing bins

Damaged Bins

We can replace or repair your damaged bin.

Report a damaged bin online

After you have reported your damaged bin, you will be told when to put the bin out for collection. You may still use the bin.

Missing Bins

To reduce the chance of your bins going missing, we recommend that they are clearly labelled with your house name or number.

If your bins have not been returned after a collection, please check to see if a neighbour has taken in the bin by mistake, or if they have been left elsewhere on your street.

For a replacement refuse bin, the charge is £33.50 

For a replacement recycling bin, there is normally no charge.

We cannot guarantee the bins we exchange will be new, but they will be clean and in good condition.

If you order a replacement bin and your bin does reappear, please notify us so that we can cancel the delivery of the replacement bin and issue a refund.

Report a missing bin or order a replacement bin online