Please note: During March and April each year, our Customer Services team receive a higher volume of calls than normal. This might mean that you are waiting for a longer amount of time to speak to an advisor. We have published a set of frequently asked questions about Council Tax, where we have provided answers to the most common queries we receive.


Council Tax is a tax you pay to your local council, so that – depending on which type of council they are – they can deliver services that you need. For more information about what Council Tax is, and what it is used for, please refer to our Council Tax guide.

How much has my Council Tax bill gone up by?

The table below presents the Council Tax increase, as a percentage, that Babergh residents will pay in 2024/25 - compared to the amount paid in 2023/24.

The first column presents the authorities who each receive a portion of your Council Tax. (Your bill may also show an amount that you pay to your local town or parish council, if you have one.)

The middle column presents the increase, as a percentage, in the amount you will pay to each authority in 2024/25.

The final column presents what these increases will equate to, each week, for a Band B property in the district.

Name of authority % increase in 2024/25 Weekly increase for households who pay Council Tax on a Band B property
Babergh District Council 2.99% 8p
Suffolk County Council


(2% for Adult Social Care, 2.99% for general Council Tax)

Police and Crime Commissioner 4.93% 19p

Adult Social Care precept

The Adult Social Care precept makes up part of your overall Council Tax bill. It is used to pay for the care of elderly residents, and other vulnerable adults.

The change in this precept will show as an increase of 2%.

This 2% is the increase in the precept, as a proportion of Suffolk County Council's total Council Tax charge for 2024/25. For a Band D property, the annual charge is £1,571.04.

The increase between this year's and last year's Adult Social Care precept is 15.88%. This means that for a Band D property, the increase is £29.93 (last year's amount was £188.53, this year's amount is £218.46).

We have produced a table which details the changes to Suffolk County Council's Adult Social Care precept - per Council Tax valuation band (A-H) - since it was introduced in 2016.

Further guidance and information

Guidance and information published in 2023/24