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What should I do if I'm homeless?

If you are homeless or about to lose your home, help is available.

Read our Housing and Homelessness Advice leaflet

If you are currently homeless or homeless tonight, contact us by phone

If you are worried about becoming homeless in the future, please contact us by our online reporting form and we will aim to get back to you within 2 days:

I am worried about becoming homeless in future

We will ask you some questions to help us decide the urgency of your case.

If you are homeless now, please contact us and we will aim to make telephone contact with you today.

If you are due to become homeless in the future, we will agree a time to see you.

There are things that we can do to stop or delay you becoming homeless. If you are being evicted for owing rent, we could help you to talk with your landlord and set up monthly repayments.

It is really important that you get help early.


Some useful points:

  • Get advice before leaving or selling your home. You could make yourself intentionally homeless.
  • If you are a tenant, your landlord must provide a legal notice before asking you to leave. Most tenants are entitled to stay in their home until their landlord applies for a legal document called a Possession Order.
  • If you are a tenant on a low income, ask our Benefits Department if you qualify for help with your rent.
  • Seek legal advice immediately if you are separating from a partner or are the victim of domestic violence.

If you move into temporary accommodation and find it difficult to cope, we may be able to offer you support.

If you are not already on the housing register, you may be asked to register on our Gateway to Homechoice system. This will mean you can be considered for social housing when homes become available.

You can find out more Gateway Homechoice and register