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99.5% of landlords surveyed in our 2023 survey rated our service 'highly' or 'very highly'!

Our service

Central Suffolk Lettings has been developed by Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils. We want to increase access to good quality homes, in the private rented sector, for eligible residents.

We provide a lettings service to private sector landlords with a property to rent out. We understand how important your property is, and care about the service we offer to you.

We also offer a service for eligible empty home owners looking to let their properties out and landlords who have Houses of Multiple Occupation – see below for more details or contact us.



Benefits of letting your property with us

  • Guaranteed rent payment for the term of the tenancy:
    No loss of rent. Rent paid on time in full every month (by us). Rent, set at the LHA rate + 10%
  • Cash incentive:
    For each property you place with us through the Rent Guarantee Scheme we will give you a one-off cash incentive
  • No fees. No commission:
    We provide a free service, so there is no commission to pay and no hidden charges
  • Assessment of potential tenants:
    We carry out full affordability assessments on any potential tenants we put forward to you
  • Accompanied viewings:
    All property viewings will be arranged by us and will be fully accompanied with timely feedback to you
  • Deposit Bond:
    We will provide one month's deposit bond to cover the required deposit (Because we are a local authority providing a bond, there is no requirement for you to register the deposit).
  • Inventory and regular inspections:
    We will compile an inventory on your behalf before the tenant moves into the property, and will conduct a routine inspection six-monthly. We will also carry out a check-out inspection.


Are you an HMO landlord? We offer a service for you too!

  • 5-year rent guarantee agreement
  • Up to 5 weeks deposit bond
  • Cash incentive
  • Rents of up to £525 per room per calendar month
  • 50% contribution towards HMO licence fee (a saving of £551!)


Landlord testimonials – "What are our landlords saying about us"

Hi Stephanie, I would like to thank you for your professionalism in finding Jenny (new tenant) for us
I'm very happy with the excellent service you are providing (Private landlord)
I would have no problem in recommending the service you provide to other agents and tenants alike. A really effective way of helping with tenants that do not quite fit agents' criteria who had nowhere else to turn unless had a guarantor which you guys effectively are (Private letting agent)
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Contact us

To discuss any of the services we can offer you and to find out more information please contact us:

Central Suffolk Lettings Partnership

Email: landlords@baberghmidsuffolk.gov.uk

Phone: 01449 724977 (landline) or 07926 067314 (mobile)

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