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Application Search and Comment

Please consider the following before submitting your comment:

Your comments will in due course appear online. Your name & address will be published but, in accordance with the Data Protection Act, telephone numbers and email addresses will be removed.

Please ensure you do not include personal details in your comment text such as email addresses or telephone numbers.

Please make sure that your comments are relevant and not defamatory or offensive, because you remain personally and legally responsible for them.

We reserve the right to remove from this website the entirety of any comment which contains any words which are or may be defamatory or offensive.

Comments can not be longer than 10,000 characters. This equates to roughly 1600 words or three and a half A4 pages.

Please note we cannot provide planning histories for any site prior to 1974.

Historic applications post-1974 that do not appear on Public Access

You may require content of older planning files other than just the decision notice. There is a £20 charge per file to recall them from deep storage.

Please email our Planning Support team to submit your request.

When prompted, please complete our online planning payment form to submit payment.

This page was last updated on the 7th of June 2023.

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