'Building in Babergh? Be a good neighbour'

Action taken to protect residents from construction site disruption

Babergh District Council will expect developers and commercial builders to follow the ‘gold standard’ of working practices to protect nearby residents from construction site disruption.

The council has become the only rural district in the country to partner with the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS). Through its Code of Considerate Practice, it sets outs how construction teams should respect neighbours, minimise impact on the environment, and have an inclusive and healthy workplace.

Developers will be encouraged to sign up to the scheme when they are granted planning permission, but it will be mandatory in communities where construction could have a severe disruptive impact. The council is also looking at how this approach could be further strengthened in the future.

Cllr Deborah Saw, deputy leader of Babergh District Council, said: “We are the first rural council in the country to do this. We want to protect our residents from building work being done in inconsiderate ways. This provides an extra layer of reassurance for people, additional to what we already do.

“New housing, infrastructure improvements and commercial developments are needed, but at the same time we want to work with developers to ensure people are not subjected to undue disruption and stress when work is happening in their communities. 

“Many developers and builders already meet these standards, but we want a consistently high standard – and this scheme is the gold standard for best practice. Our message is – if you’re building in Babergh, you must be a good neighbour.”

Developers or building firms would be encouraged to register with the scheme either as an organisation or for an individual development, with the cost to them dependent on the monetary value of their plans.

Cllr Saw added: “There is no cost to taxpayers for this scheme, and we believe it is an extremely modest cost to businesses – so it will not be a deterrent to any developer who wants to build homes in our district.”

Every development covered by the CCS will have hoardings up containing details of the scheme and contact details if people believe it is not being adhered to.

The CCS is an independent, not-for-profit organisation which works across the UK. It works with construction companies to help them raise their standards.

Every registered site is visited by one of the scheme’s professional monitors at least twice a year and they are given a score based on how well they conform to its code. Evidence of good practice and performance beyond the code are highlighted, and areas where improvements can be made or are necessary are also pointed out and must be acted upon. 

Amit Oberoi, executive chairman of the CCS, said: “I am very pleased to welcome Babergh Council as a CCS partner. By requiring contractors to register their projects with us, the council is also driving the whole industry to improve their standards. We look forward to working with their contractors to help them be the best possible neighbours to the local community.”

Picture: Babergh District Council wants to minimise disruption to residents from building sites, with Cllr Deborah Saw (inset) saying the Considerate Constructors Scheme offers additional reassurance.  Credit: Bigstock/Babergh District Council


Babergh District Council wants to minimise disruption to residents from building sites, with Cllr Deborah Saw (inset) saying the Considerate Constructors Scheme offers additional reassurance.  Credit: Bigstock/Babergh District Council