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Joint Local Validation List Consultation - Monday 22 January 2024 to Monday 4 March 2024

Since our Local Validation List (LVL) was amended last year, our new Joint Local Plan (JLP) has been adopted and the LVL has undergone further revisions as a consequence.  These revisions are such that formal six week consultation will be required, giving interested parties an opportunity to make any comments prior to the Joint LVL being adopted.

There are two LVL documents, one for Householder applications and one for Major and Minor applications.  The Householder draft LVL is largely unaltered, with the exception of a new requirement for Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG).

Please see documents below:

  1. Joint LVL Part 1 Householder (PDF)
  2. Joint LVL Part 2 Major and Minor (PDF)

The new draft document for Minor and Major applications  is numbered in the same way as the existing, with new sub numbering used where necessary and in a logical, thematic position (e.g. the existing Ecological Survey & Impact Assessment requirement is at 17a and is now followed by new item BNG at 17b). 

Everything after 28 is a new item.    

The main new matters covered by the draft LVL for Minor and Major applications are:

  • Building for a healthy life - Wellbeing Impact Assessment
  • Biodiversity Net Gain 
  • Flood Risk Assessment for some Minor applications.  

In addition, the following have been added.  Validation details are now required for:

  • Intensive livestock and poultry farming
  • Rural Workers’ dwellings
  • Employment land within the Strategic Corridors
  • Tourist accommodation
  • Water supply management
  • Water resources and infrastructure
  • Town centre uses

Some applications will now require the following: 

  • Safe, sustainable and active travel compliance
  • Transport statements and assessments
  • Transport Network Noise Assessment

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The consultation is being held from Monday 22 January 2024 to Monday 4 March 2024. Please submit your comments using the link below before the closing date:

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