Register a birth

To register a birth in Suffolk, you will need the following information:

  • Date and place of birth
  • Gender of baby
  • Full name of the baby - including any middle name(s)
  • Forenames and surname(s) of the baby's parent(s). You will need to include any previous names
  • Date and place of birth of the baby's parent(s)
  • Address of the baby's parent(s)
  • Occupation (or previous occupation) of the baby's parent(s)
  • Number of previous children by the baby's mother

If you are a married couple registering the birth of your baby, you will also need the date of your marriage.

Where do I register a birth?

Your baby's birth will need to be registered at a register office. Births need to be registered within six weeks.

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Registering a birth in Suffolk

Suffolk County Council have information on their website about how and where you can register a birth in Suffolk