Register A Death

To register a death, you will need a Medical Certificate Confirming cause of Death (MCCD). This will be issued by a doctor or hospital consultant. Once you have the MCCD, you will need to register the death within five days. This time period includes weekends and bank holidays. 

The Coronavirus Act (2020) temporarily allows Suffolk County Council (SCC) to register a death by telephone. This removes the need for relatives to visit SCC in person.

You will need to complete a pre-registration of a death. Then, once SCC have all the information that they need, a registrar will contact you directly to finalise the registration.

Pre-register a Death in Suffolk

When you speak with the registrar, they will talk to you about the government's Tell Us Once service

The Tell Us Once service makes it easier to report a death to most governmental departments, and local councils.

The service will notify the deceased's local council to update their records of the following (if applicable):

  • Council Tax
  • Housing Benefits
  • a Blue Badge
  • Adult Social Services
  • the electoral register

The government have produced a video that explains how to report a death using the Tell Us Once service:


Further information

Read more information about registering a death in Suffolk (from SCC)

The government have published a step by step guide on what to do when someone dies