Our trees, hedgerows and wildflowers scheme

We want to help you create more places for wildlife to grow. Since 2021, we have provided free trees, hedgerow plants and wildflower seeds to many parishes and community groups. This scheme is named the Parish Tree Planting Project.

So far, the scheme has been a great success. We have given away:

  • nearly 400 large trees
  • over 10,000 small trees and hedgerow plants
  • enough wildflower seed to cover over over 12,000m2

We are continuing the scheme in 2023. We offer trees, hedging and seeds - for planting on land with public access - to landowners that are a Council, parish or community group.

We also want to plant more fruit trees across our district, so that we can create a scattered community orchard. We also offer fruit trees, so that we can help save our local varieties, help local wildlife and provide free fruit.

All tree, hedge and flower species that we provide are native provenance and locally sourced.

We are especially interested in projects that help by connecting (via wildlife corridors) or expanding existing sites of higher wildlife value.

Who is this scheme for?

We aim to help public landowners (who are a Council, parish or community group), where other funding sources may not be of help.

If your land is private - or you are eligible to receive funding elsewhere - we are sadly not likely able to support you.

Apply for the Parish Tree Planting Project

You can apply for this scheme at any time; there is no deadline.

You will need to let us know what you would like to plant, and where. Please include details about the space available, and which species of tree(s), hedging and wildflowers that you would like to plant. 

You may want to create a new wood or orchard, fill gaps in an existing tree or hedge line, or transform an area of mown grass.

Please read our application guidance notes for more information about eligibility criteria, and the information you'll need to include when you apply.

Download a Parish Tree Planting Project application form

You can also download the application form as a Word document, if you prefer.

Please send completed application forms to biodiversity@baberghmidsuffolk.gov.uk

The long term care and maintenance of any trees, hedges or flowers planted via the scheme is your responsibility. However, we will be available to provide you with advice.

Alternative funding schemes

We may not be able to help some applicants, as their land may be private or other funding sources may be available to them. Our budget is limited so we want to make sure that we help applicants who cannot access other schemes.

There are several organisations, who operate nationally, that offer free or subsidised trees for planting. These options may be more suitable for your site.

If none of these options are suitable for your site, please contact us. We will try our best to help you.