Validation requirements

National and local validation requirements

Joint Local Validation List Consultation (now closed)

Since our Local Validation List (LVL) was amended in 2023, our new Joint Local Plan has been adopted. Our LVL then received further revisions because of this.

These revisions meant that a formal six week consultation was needed, so that interested parties had an opportunity to submit any comments prior to the Joint LVL being adopted.

The consultation ran from Monday 22 January 2024 to Monday 4 March 2024. Following review, the latest LVL has now been adopted.

National and Local Validation Lists

For a planning application to be valid, there are statutory and local information requirements which apply to each type of application. These are known informally as the national and local lists.

National requirements apply to all planning applications in England. We - as the local planning authority - set the local requirements, with regard to local policies and constraints.

Our Local Validation Lists (which include national validation requirements) were adopted on 23 January 2020. In March 2022, the lists were reviewed - which resulted in some minor revisions. There was a further six week consultation, which ended in January 2023. The latest consultation ended in March 2024.

Adopted Local Validation Lists (Last updated April 2024)

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