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Additional waste

Reducing your waste

At Babergh and Mid Suffolk, we care about waste reduction and recycling.

Read our waste policies.

Look at how you might be able to reduce your waste first. Where this isn't possible, try to reuse and recycle as much as you can.

The Suffolk Recycles website has lots of useful information about how you can reduce and re-use your waste, including:

  • waste prevention
  • cloth nappies
  • composting
  • charity shops
  • refill schemes 


Bin too full?

If your bins are too full or an item is too big to fit in, you may want to consider the following options.

If you have a specific item to dispose of, you can also check Suffolk Recycles' A to Z of recycling.

Recycling centres

Household waste can be taken to one of the Suffolk Recycling Centres that are run by Suffolk County Council. 

There are also community run recycling centres within the district. They include:

Bulky items

We can collect and dispose of larger household items for you, if you are unable to visit a recycling centre. Items we collect include sofas, furniture and TVs.

Read more about our bulky item collections

Extra recycling/cardboard

Extra recycling can be put in any clear/see-through sack and placed by the recycling bin on your recycling collection day.

Any cardboard which can’t fit into the bin needs to be flattened and placed by the recycling bin on your recycling collection day. All packaging/polystyrene needs to be removed.

Please note that we are unable to take any soaked cardboard.

Authorised sacks (Mid Suffolk only)

In Mid Suffolk, we provide an authorised sack scheme for additional general rubbish (refuse) and garden waste. 

These sacks can be purchased from our authorised sack stockists

Recycling bring banks

In Suffolk there are over 1000 recycling banks for a wide range of materials. They include glass, textiles, paper, cans, tins, cartons and books.

Find your nearest recycling bring bank

Garden waste

Garden waste can't be put in your refuse or recycling bins.

Instead, you can:

Garden waste can also be taken to one of the Suffolk Recycling Centres.

In Mid Suffolk, additional garden waste can be put in authorised green sacks which are available from our authorised sack stockists

The authorised green sacks need to be placed by the refuse bin on your refuse collection day.


Larger or additional bins

If you're struggling to reduce your waste and regularly have full bins, you may be eligible for a larger or additional bin. 

If eligible, larger/additional general waste (refuse) bins cost £36.00To help encourage and facilitate recycling, larger/additional recycling bins are provided free of charge.

The bins will be clean and useable, but we can't guarantee they'll be new.

Request a larger or additional bin

If you produce extra waste due to a medical condition (such as incontinence) please complete our clinical and medical waste collection form instead.