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Bin collection advice

So we can empty your bin, please make sure that:

  1. You check what should go in your bins. If a bin contains unacceptable items, it will not be emptied.
  2. The correct bin is put out by 6.30am on your collection day - or left out the night before.
  3. The bin is clearly visible at the edge of your property, at the point nearest to the public highway (unless we have agreed otherwise).
  4. The bin lid is firmly closed.
  5. The bin is not too heavy, so it can be easily moved.
  6. Items are not lodged or stuck in the bin. Contents must be able to fall out when the bin is lifted upside down.
  7. Your bin is labelled with your property number or name, to make identification easier.

Once emptied, the bin must be taken back inside your property's boundary by 7.00pm on your collection day - unless the collection has been delayed or we have specified otherwise.

Additional waste

If your bin is full, or an item is too big to fit in, find out how you can dispose of additional waste.

Any refuse or garden waste left by the bin in unauthorised sacks - such as black bags - will not be collected.

Please note that we will only empty authorised Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Council bins that we have issued to the address.

Keeping your bins clean

Wheelie bins are designed to keep your waste safe until it is collected, but it is up to you to keep them clean.

The following tips may be useful in keeping your bins clean:

  • Rinse your bins out regularly. You can use disinfectant or warm soapy water.
  • If you don't want to clean the bins yourself, you may want to contact a professional bin cleaner in your area.
  • Put food waste, including pet food, into your refuse bin straight away. This will avoid attracting flies and wasps, which can lay eggs in the food.
  • Rinse food packaging to remove any food scraps.
  • Squeeze air out of waste bags before putting them into the refuse bin. The lack of air will slow down general decomposition, reduce smells and slow the development of maggots.
  • Place sheets of newspaper at the bottom of your bin to keep it dry. The paper soaks up any liquids that may escape from bags you place inside.
  • Try to keep your bins in a shady area as the sun will warm up the bin, increasing the smell and attracting flies.
  • Ensure that the lids of your wheelie bins are kept closed to prevent animals and flies getting in.
  • If your bin is damaged, contact us to arrange a repair or replacement bin.