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Collection days

Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Council run an alternate week collection service. This means that one week we will collect your refuse bin, and the following week we will collect your recycling bin.


To find out your collection day, please call the Waste Services team on 0300 1234 000 Option 4

Babergh District Council Printable Calendar 2018-19
Mid Suffolk Collection Printable Calendar 2018-19


And from 15 July 2019, you can find your bin collection day using our new online app:

Find your bin collection day if you live in Babergh District
Find your bin collection day if you live in Mid Suffolk District


Please make sure:

  • The correct bins are put out by 6.30 am on the day of collection.

  • The bin lids are firmly closed.

  • The bins are placed at the nearest point to the public highway.

  • Any additional waste/recycling is placed in authorised sacks (No waste in black sacks beside or on the bin will be taken).

  • The recycling bins contain items that are recyclable, otherwise they may not be emptied and your bins may be stickered to let you know why.

If any of the above requirements are not met , your bin may not be emptied and the crew may not return for the bin.

Make sure you know what goes in your bin by checking our Getting it Right leaflet.