Lavenham Neighbourhood Plan

The Lavenham Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) was 'made' (adopted) by Babergh District Council in September 2016. It covers the plan period 2016 - 2031.

The NDP is now being updated by the parish council so that it can continue to help guide and shape development in the parish. Lavenham Neighbourhood Plan 2 (LNP2) will cover the plan period 2023 - 2037.

The process for modifying a NDP is set out in the relevant regulations. The nature of the modifications will determine how much of the process needs to be repeated.

Lavenham Neighbourhood Plan 2

Latest news...

Reg 17 Examination (Winter 2023/24)

Babergh District Council have appointed Janet Cheesley BA (Hons) DipTP MRTPI to carry out an independent examination of LNP2.

The examination, which commenced in late 2023, has been influenced in part by other events, both of which have necessitated additional consultation. Details of these can be found below. Also published for information is a copy of the examination correspondence document.

Further updates on this examination will be published on this page when appropriate.

1st Focused consultation: General conformity with basic conditions (ended 11 Dec 2023)

Following publication of the new NPPF (in Sept 2023) and the adoption of the Joint Local Plan Part 1 (in Nov 2023), we carried out a focused consultation exercise on whether or not these two events had implications for the LNP2 with regard to it meeting certain basic condition tests. The consultation period ran from Monday 27 November to Monday 11 December 2023.

A copy of the consultation letter and the made representations are published below.

•    Read the LNP2 Basic Conditions consultation responses (Dec 2023) 

2nd Focused consultation: General conformity with the new NPPF (ended 26 Jan 2024)

In late December 2023, the Government published a new NPPF. A second consultation exercise was therefore carried out to allow for new comments to be made on the relevant basic condition test. The consultation period ran from Wednesday 10 January to Friday 26 January 2024.

A copy of the consultation letter, the made representations, and the parish councils response to these are published below:

Previous stages...

Reg 17(e)(ii) Statement

The NDP regulations required the relevant local planning authority to submit a statement to the examiner that sets out their assessment of the nature of the modifications being made to the NDP. 

Reg 16 Submission consultation (ended 18 August 2023)

The submission draft LNP2 was published for public consultation between 3 July and 18 August 2023.

The Parish Council (the qualifying body) had formally submitted the following documents. (Please note that some of these are larges files). 

An assessment on how LNP2 meets the basic conditions will be undertaken by an Independent Examiner (see above). Our initial checks suggested that the relevant requirements have been met at this stage. View the Regulation 15 Checklist.

Respondents were also reminded that their comments would be forwarded to the examiner and, with the exception of personal details, be published on this website. 

Reg 15 Submission (May 2023)

LNP2 was formally submitted to Babergh District Council on 4 May 2023.

SEA/HRA screening and determination (Feb2023)

A draft copy of LNP2 was screened to determine whether a strategic environmental assessment (SEA) and or a habitats regulations assessment (HRA) were needed. Both were 'screened-out'. The relevant reports and determination notices are published below:

Reg 14 Pre-submission consultation (8 Dec 2022 to 1 Feb 2023)

Pre-submission consultation on LNP2 ended on 1 February 2023.

Please visit the parish council's website for more information.

The adopted Lavenham NDP 2016 - 2031

Formal adoption (20 Sept 2016)

At its Full Council meeting on 20 September 2016, Babergh District Council resolved to adopt ('make') the Lavenham NDP following a majority 'yes' vote by local residents.

The Plan, which covers the period up to 2031, now forms part of the development plan framework for the district and will be used in the determination of planning applications in the parish unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

Previous Stages...

Reg 18 Local referendum (Sept 2016)

Reg 17 Independent examination (April 2016)

Reg 16 Submission consultation (Jan - Feb 2016)

Reg 05 Area Designation (2 Sept 2013)