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Antisocial behaviour

Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)

Anti Social Behaviour (ASB Case Review)


Change in Circumstances

Benefit fraud


Food Complaints

Food safety complaints

Food premises complaints

complaint about a licensed driver or the service

Births and deaths

Register a birth

Register a death

Council Tax

End your single occupier discount - Babergh

End your single occupier discount - Mid Suffolk

Report Change of Address for Council Tax - Babergh

Report Change of Address for Council Tax - Mid Suffolk 

Report Tenancy changes for Council Tax (Landlords) - Babergh

Report Tenancy changes for Council Tax (Landlords) - Mid Suffolk


Report anti social behaviour


Report a grounds maintenance issue

Report debris, weeds or mud on the road

Report Street Litter or Fly Tipping

Report Dead Animals

Report a graffiti

Report Noise Nuisance

Report Smoke, Smells & other Nuisances

Street Cleansing Report It

Report a flood

Report an abandoned vehicle


Complaints about housing conditions

Garage rental termination

Report Council Housing Anti-Social Behaviour

Report a repair (Council Housing tenants only)

Report a repair (Leaseholders only)

Report Empty Homes

Tenancy fraud

Termination of a Council Tenancy

Planning, Enforcement and Trees

Ash Dieback Disease

Problem with council tree(s)

Report an alleged breach of planning control

Provide feedback on the development management service (Not for new enquiry/pre app)


Report a highways issue (External link to Suffolk County Council's website)

Waste Services

Damaged or missing bin

Missed waste collection